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Ta del av vad våra kunder tycker om  ALMEGO® som system:


Mallard Creek Polymers 

"ALMEGO® offered everything needed: a self-explaining, comprehensive, web-hosted system that allows access to an own database of substances and mixtures for both company units, much better than a locally placed solution would. Rather than filling an MSDS section by section, the smart authoring allows the transfer of product knowledge into valid safety datasheets, with less effort than a validation of an externally created SDS employed. 

Much appreciation as well to the competent and patient ALMEGO® team for their outstanding ongoing service answers and solutions always come promptly."

Mareike Hilshorst                                              MCP Europe GmbH 


Nicobrand Ltd. 

"We have been using ALMEGO® now for a period of time and find the navigation and creation of Safety Data Sheets an easy process with this software. I also find the help I received at times of uncertainty was top class and prompt with all replies giving me a fantastic service."
Pearl McCartney 
Nicobrand Ltd. 




"We have chosen ALMEGO® because Chymeia works 100% professionally and has throughout the process helped us both safely and comfortably. ALMEGO® has given us confidence in the production of safety data sheets. We are convinced that it is the best program on the market, and we are happy for the cooperation. We are impressed with how fast the underlying program is working, which provides security and we are glad we can quickly make or update SDS."
John M Mikkelsen 


Akasel A/S 

"I applaud the service provided by CHYMEIA in supporting their customers with their new software, ALMEGO. The response is not only fast but also very helpful. I always find my problems solved when I talk to CHYMEIA. 
The continual updates show that the functions in the software are always being checked to meet the needs of their clients. The notifications on these updates are also helpful. 
The structure of the software itself is user friendly. A basic chemical substance is created as building blocks to mixtures, and the amounts of each substance is calculated - and displayed - in the final mixture. I find this very useful as I can know the exact concentration of substances in my formulation. The concept is very structured and updating the substances also updates the mixtures containing said substances automatically."
Irma Rosli 
Akasel A/S 


Skovgaard & Frydensberg 

"We are a very small company and despite of that we can run our entire extensive product range’s SDS in ALMEGO® with minimal staffing. 
But most importantly, ALMEGO®’s service / support is amazing; you are always taken seriously and if you have special needs, ALMEGO® as a program is flexible. 
Why we recommend ALMEGO®: ALMEGO® is a great help when we are to formulate new products and keep up with the latest labeling rules. 
Before we used consultants from Chymeia (which was excellent), but we wanted this task inhouse, so now we save money, and product development has become significantly easier, as you can quickly see how an SDS will look for a new or changed product.
Andreas Lorenzen 
Farvefabrikken Skovgaard & Frydensberg 


SimFAS Sweden AB 

"As a producer of private label products, it’s vital to be able to handle SDSs for many different trade names. The ALMEGO® system gave us an easy way to produce SDSs with different trade names and in many different languages. 

The system is very logical with calculation features which we appreciate. Of course, we still need to make manually updates when we get new raw material information, but it is easy to see exactly which SDSs that will be affected and need to be updated. As the system is logical it was also quite easy to get started and we had good help by the initial training."

Inga Göransson 
SimFAS Sweden AB 


UniCan A/S 

"We, as a producer of brand and private label products, need a quick and flexible system to handle the SDS’s. The system is user-friendly and can easy handle SDSs for many different trade names. The ALMEGO® system is the first system that we have found that fulfill our requirements." 
Steffen Damkjær 
UniCan A/S 


Dafo Fomtec AB 

"ALMEGO® is a fast and very flexible on-line system. The solution is "up-to-date" and very user-friendly. SDS are not just available for EU countries but also China and US. CHYMEIA is also very responsive when it comes to ideas of improvement and adjustment of the system. Online support always provides with good and quick answers."
Compliance Manager 
Charlotta Reimertz 


DST-Chemicals A/S 

"I think ALMEGO® is very nice to work in. 
We are really happy that the US and China is included in the software. In fact, we use almost every country, except for a handful. Another thing we are happy about; The speed at which an SDS is generated. 
Your support is tip-top, and there is always quick help to get."

Pernille Simonsen 

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